When your business plan is not quite working out or being disrupted by other competitors, this can start to have an impact on your organisation’s bottom-line. There are often a number of reasons why this is happening.

We consider there to be real value in using the binary measures of success and failure to better focus organisations on what winning looks like for them.

We believe every organisation can stand to gain from the successful techniques used in Elite Sport to develop and sustain High-Performance.

Our ‘What it Takes to Win’ process and planning tools, as also used by world-leading Olympic sports teams, enable business organisations to deliver their own sustained gold medal-winning performances.

Our approach helps organisations to deliver:

  • Goal clarity by establishing a ‘deterministic’ approach to performance
  • Alignment and accountability of departments, teams and individuals to the end goal
  • Performance Efficiency through focusing effort for maximum impact and controlling the controllable
  • Diagnostic tools for identifying, super strengths, unacceptable weaknesses and opportunities
  • Sustained performance through team and individual diagnostic tools and targeted interventions


  • Increase profitability through a ‘gold medal-winning’ approach
  • Delivers a process for developing and maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Empowers teams and individuals by aligning their contribution to the organisational performance
  • You have access to highly credible facilitators with a unique combination of experiences: corporate, military, elite sport and extreme adventure
  • The ‘What it Takes to Win’ process has been proven to win multiple Olympic gold medals

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