Every corporate transformation begins ambitiously, with leaders setting aggressive goals and predicting big improvements in productivity. But the results often fall far short of expectations.

They collaborate to solve problems and tackle real-life challenges.

Teams working well together will see qualitative decision-making performance improvements of more than 50%.

Cognitive research has consistently shown that “learning by doing” is the best method for teaching adults—it accelerates learning and enhances retention.

We assess the barriers to good quality decision-making, leadership, team behaviours and organisational cultural effectiveness.

Peak Dynamics helps clients from around the world achieve consistently superior performances.

  • Company Culture

    Culture has a greater impact on success than talent does.

    Quantifying and managing company’s culture is critical for bringing a company’s values “to life,” supporting the implementation of its strategies, and promoting adaptation, goal attainment, a winning performance and sustainability.

    Behavioural norms have a significant impact a company’s ability to solve problems, adapt to change, and perform effectively at the top level.

    Through Project Aristotle, Google learned that executives equated effectiveness with productivity. For employees, team culture was the most important measure of effectiveness.

    At the organisational level, research shows a relationship between the right culture and outcomes including a winning performance, increased net profits, employee engagement, safety and reliability, successful merger integration, creativity, adaptability, and customer satisfaction.

    We are very experienced at running a culture surveys on your company using data and metrics provided by a statistically reliable and valid assessment.

    We provide your company with visual profiling of your operating and ideal cultures in terms of the behaviours that staff members believe are required to “fit in and meet expectations.” We also look at how effective the current culture is proving to be.

    We then identify and provide solutions and actions that will help close the gap between the current and ideal culture for the individuals, teams, departments, senior management and your organisation.

    Benefits to you

    • Reliable data is obtained on the behavioural norms of your organisation and/or its sub-units
    • Validates a need for cultural change on the part of the participants
    • Identifies the areas where change needs to take place
    • Develops a vision for culture change
    • Creates individual and organisational action plans for effecting cultural change
    • Evaluates the impact of your organisational change efforts
    • Quantitatively measures and monitors key outcomes and causal factors
    • Determines the impact of organisational, team, and job level factors on effectiveness
    • Assesses employee attitudes, motivation, and stress levels
    • Identifies targets for changing and improving engagement and organisational performance
    • Identifies levers for closing the gap between the organisation’s current culture and its ideal culture
    • Monitors the impact of organisational change initiatives and interventions

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