Oman Experience 2019

This seven-day adventure takes place in the Dhofar Mountains and ‘The Empty Quarter’ desert of Southern Oman. It is a chance for you to experience a truly authentic way of life and take in some stunning views in the gentle warmth of the Arabian winter.

For some, it will be a totally new experience

Join an authentic, unique desert experience in Oman

  • Arrive in Salalah, Oman – Monday 25th February 2019
  • Depart from Salalah, Oman – Saturday 2nd March 2019

Normal Price – £3,800 (ex VAT)

Maximum of 10 people only. Minimum of 5 people


About the Trip

Away from the tourist trail, you will experience the contrast of the rugged and beautiful mountains of the Dhofar followed by the vast desert of Rub’ al Khali (better known as The Empty Quarter).

You will experience life on the mountain trails with the Bedouin tribesmen and their camels, who will be carrying all your equipment.

You will learn how to cook over the open fire and sleep out under the star-lit Arabian skies at night.

“When you sleep in a house your thoughts are as high as the ceiling, when you sleep outside they are as high as the stars.” Bedouin proverb

This experience is suitable for anybody aged 18-70, with average fitness and lots of enthusiasm to experience something entirely new.

You will learn how to saddle up camels with your luggage, walk with the camels, swim in wadis and in the evenings set up camp and prepare the food. You will also experience living in the deserts as well as learning to drive 4×4 vehicles over the dunes.

About Oman

The Dhofar lies over 1,000 kms south-west of the capital Muscat in Southern Oman. It is an area of contrast and rugged beauty and part of the largest sand desert in the world.

This area of Arabia is renowned for its rich culture; from the ancient frankincense trade, to the famous camel trains, to succulent date palms, to lush rolling hills and beautiful green wadis.

Dhofar has a subtropical climate which has supported various different cultures from the Jebali people of the mountains, to the Badawi who live in the desert.

Dhofaris are truly proud people. Many still lead a traditional way of life where tribal and family values are still a vital and respected cornerstone of their existence.

“I knew that I had made my last journey in the Empty Quarter and that a phase in my life was ended. Here in the desert I found all that I asked; I knew that I should never find it again.” Wilfred Thesiger

This is an ancient system that encourages loyalty and support within extended family groups, something that is perhaps lacking from some of our lives today.


You will fly into Salalah where you will be able to relax for the day and night in a hotel, visit the local souk, go for a swim in the sea and maybe even spot a whale. The next day, you will head out to the Dhofar mountains, where you will meet up with your camels and Bedouin tribesmen.

You will have a short day’s walking along some of the mountain paths before setting up your overnight camp and preparing the evening meal for everybody.

The next day you will have breakfast and load up the camels before heading off for the day along another mountain route. You will break for lunch and a swim in a refreshing wadi before a short walk in the afternoon to your next camp.

In the morning, you will head off with the camels after breakfast to meet up with your 4×4 vehicles and head into the Empty Quarter desert, where you will set up camp and cook dinner. The next day, we will teach you about living in the desert, as well as learning how to drive the impressive dunes, before returning to your camp. On your final day in Oman, you will head back to Salalah, where you will relax in the hotel before catching your flight out of Oman.


Normal price is £3,800 (ex VAT)

Minimum of 5 people and Maximum of 10 people only

What Is Included:

  • Airport transfer to hotel on arrival
  • Hotel including dinner and breakfast
  • Camels
  • Bedding for the camping
  • Vehicles for the desert
  • Airport transfer to the airport
  • All food whilst on the trip

What is not included:

  • All flights to and from Salalah
  • Single room supplement in the hotel
  • Any drink purchased in the hotel
  • Personal equipment
  • Travel Insurance

  •  I confirm I have read and understand the terms and conditions herein
  •  I confirm I will have appropriate travel insurance at the time of the trip
  •  I confirm I am fit and healthy and have informed Peak Dynamics of any conditions they should be aware of

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