We have been providing authentic experiences to some of the most extraordinary and unique places in the world for over ten years.

In that time, our clients have returned from these trips telling us what a ‘life-changing experience’ it was and wanting to go on another one.

You do not need a special personality or be from a particular gender, but you will develop a sound understanding of self, the activity and the environment. The benefits are profound and change the way you think about yourself, others and the environment

Adventure is an important part of being human, it teaches you about what you are capable of, lets you find out how capable you really are, opens up doors to discovering your own inner capabilities and facilitates growth. Our experiences are not extreme and we make them accessible to everybody.

Sometimes words, pictures and videos are inadequate tools for exploring and explaining core elements in your life. Sometimes you have to go, see and do. You will be richer for the experience.

Come and join us on one of the amazing authentic experiences below.

We continue to plan new trips.