Extreme adventurers and sports people can make poor decisions as a result of such factors as a breakdown in communication, stress, fatigue or even a lack of dynamic behaviour among team members. In some cases, this can be fatal, as history has shown on numerous occasions.

At Peak Dynamics, we assess, design and implement strategies for teams to work together more effectively and to achieve synergy.

Our expertise has been demonstrated and advice has been shown to work in extreme environments where binary ‘life or death’ decisions can strain the inter-correlated and inter-related decision between team members.


  • We provide a robust profiling tool to measure and monitor the performance of teams and their behaviour
  • We explain and demonstrate the correlation between constructive team behaviour and team effectiveness
  • We uncover a team’s weaknesses and strengths with regards to cognitive decision-making
  • We evaluate current approaches to motivation and team dynamics and advise on strategies
  • We promote and teach more effective management and leadership approaches
  • We illustrate the effects of different personal styles of behaviour
  • We help create teams that work well together to achieve their goals in extreme locations where there is often little support.

We have worked with crews rowing the Atlantic to people crossing across Antarctica.

Our work has helped teams break three extreme World Records in the past two years.