Please find below a selection of some of the Peak Extreme projects that we run. We can also run bespoke development programmes for our clients.

  • Extreme Adventurers

    Peak Dynamics has a wealth of experience working with extreme adventurers and athletes, helping them prepare for expeditions, races or trips, as well as working with them during their endeavours.

    In the binary environments where many of our adventurers and athletes find themselves, there is often 0% room for mistakes or poor decisions. We focus on their judgement decision-making skills and team behaviour.

    We have worked some extraordinary and amazing people. Whether it is with crews rowing the Atlantic in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge, teams skiing across Antarctica, athletes competing in ultra marathons such as the Yukon Arctic Quest, people climbing Everest or teams travelling across the Arctic on expeditions, we are here to help.

    If you are interested in using our help and expertise, then please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you.

  • Strategic Planning for Success

    At Peak Dynamics, we believe every team or extreme athlete stands to gain from the techniques used in Elite Sport to develop and sustain High-Performance in the Polar regions, the Mountains, the Deserts or on the Oceans. We consider there to be real value in using the binary measures of success and failure to better focus our athletes or teams on what winning looks like for them.

    Our ‘What it Takes to Win’ Strategy’ uses planning tools developed in world-leading Olympic sports to enable athletes to deliver their own Gold Medal Performance.

    Our approach helps teams and athletes to deliver:

    • Goal clarity by establishing a ‘deterministic’ approach to performance
    • Alignment and accountability of teams and individuals to the end goal
    • Performance Efficiency through focusing effort for maximum impact and controlling the controllable
    • Diagnostic tools for identifying, super strengths, unacceptable weaknesses and opportunities
    • Sustained performance through team and individual diagnostic tools and targeted interventions


    • Increase chances of success through a ‘gold medal winning’ approach
    • Delivers a process for developing and maintaining competitive advantage
    • Empowers team members and athletes by aligning their contribution to the end goal or purpose
    • Keep harmony and purpose within the team by understanding human behaviour better
    • Peak Dynamics uses highly credible experts with a unique combination of experiences: corporate, military, elite sport and extreme adventure
  • Judgement Decision-Making

    Human values can be revealed in what we believe, what we feel and what we say. However, the most important manifestation of our values is the choices we make, the decisions we make.

    In extreme environments or conditions those decisions become very binary. In some situations, one wrong decision can be fatal.

    Peak Dynamics have been utilising a sophisticated judgement assessment tool for over 5 years to help individuals build an awareness of their decision-making style, preferences and blind spots. Our experience has been used by Red Bull and numerous Extreme Adventurers as a stand alone assessment tool or as part of decision-making development intervention.

    Judgement Decision-Making is about:

    • The ability to accurately observe what is taking place in a situation or circumstance
    • The ability to determine a best solution to a situation
    • The ability to move to execute the best solution

    Judgement Decision-Making is to see, to determine and to do.

    We focus on what can directly impact that decision-making and improve the quality of the outcome, whether that is summiting Everest, walking to the South Pole or rowing across the Atlantic.


    • Improves personal decision-making through enhanced self-awareness
    • Highlights areas of excellence
    • Identifies judgement and decision-making skills to help you succeed
    • Nurtures leadership potential
    • Identifies personal barriers to performance both at home and on an expedition
    • Identifies leadership and management capability of teams
    • Ranks participants in order of their decision-making capabilities
    • Improves team engagement and team selection
    • Improves wellness, stress, self-esteem and coping capability
    • Identifies trainability and learning capacity
  • Team Behaviour

    Teams make poor decisions as a result of a breakdown in communication or a lack of dynamic behaviour between team members.  At Peak Dynamics, we assess, design and implement strategies for teams to work together more effectively and to achieve synergy.

    Our expertise has been demonstrated in extreme environments where binary ‘life or death’ decisions can strain the inter-correlated and inter-related decision between team members.


    • We provide a robust profiling tool to measure and monitor the performance of teams and their behaviour
    • We explain and demonstrate the correlation between constructive team behaviour and team effectiveness
    • We uncover a team’s weaknesses and strengths with regards to cognitive decision-making
    • We evaluate current approaches to motivation and team dynamics and advise on strategies
    • We promote and teach more effective management and leadership approaches
    • We illustrate the effects of different personal styles of behaviour
  • Keynote Speaking

    Sandy Loder, CEO of Peak Dynamics gives regular keynote speeches about the work he does. His ‘Art of Decision-Making talk is one of the most fascinating and at times emotional talks you will have heard. He talks about how and why extreme athletes, adventurers and teams can make bad decisions and how they can make better decisions in the future. Using unparalleled data from many of his clients both in the business, sports and adventure worlds and drawing on his own personal experiences, he will take you on a journey…..

    If you are interested in booking him to speak at your next major event, please email or speak to Sandy Loder on +44 207 042 9292.

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