We find that a lot of athletes are struggling to get to the next level of their sporting career. They often need help building a personal strategic plan for success.

We have worked with a wide range of athletes from skiers to golfers to cyclists to rugby players to surfers and even a rifle shot.

How we can help you

We believe that the quality of your planning will determine the quality of your performance. We help you understand what winning looks like for yourself and create a deterministic model of ‘What It Takes To Win’ to deliver your own bespoke Gold Medal winning plan.

“I have worked with Peak Dynamics for the last two years during my comeback to competitive cycling. With their support I have returned to an elite level of competition on the road in the UK and the top level of racing for Masters cyclists in Europe as evidenced by my recent podium performance in the Grand Prix du Fond de l’Eauin Belgium. Peak Dynamics has opened my eyes to the benefits of developing mental resilience and psychological strategies that have helped to maximize my performance on race days instead of purely concentrating on my narrow physiological development. This has been a key factor in helping me to affectively balance a busy professional life as a financial editor with Reuters with my commitments as a father and husband while increasing my training and racing load. Peak Dynamics is my secret marginal gain.”

‘What It Takes To Win’ Strategy (WITTW)

  • Performance Audit (historical performance or competitor analysis)
  • Deterministic Model of WITTW – The ‘What.’
  • Development of Hierarchical Model of Performance – The ‘How.’
  • Alignment of Coaching Staff to Performance Model
  • Develop and enable individualised Gold Medal Plans

What It Takes To Transition (WIT ³)

  • Deterministic Model of WIT³ – The ‘What.’
  • Transitions Audit (successful and unsuccessful transitions) & Performance Trajectory Analysis
  • Creation of Performance Model for player/athlete pathway
  • Alignment of Pathway to WIT³ – System, Multidisciplinary Team and Coaching Staff

Other services we can provide include:

  • Developing Competitive Advantage
  • Optimising Performance Under Pressure
  • Optimising Decision-Making