In elite sports, decisions can be very binary and be the difference between winning a gold medal at the Olympics and walking away from four years of hard training and commitment.

The manager of Liverpool Football Club, Jürgen Klopp felt “his players could have taken something from the game, but ultimately their decision-making cost them.”

Decision-Making is about:

  • The ability to accurately observe what is taking place in a situation or circumstance
  • The ability to determine the best solution to a situation
  • The ability to move to execute the best solution

Decision-Making is to see, to determine and to do

We use a sophisticated judgement assessment tool to help individuals build an awareness of their decision-making style, preferences and blind spots. Our experience has been used by Red Bull athletes and numerous other elite sportspersons, as a stand-alone assessment tool or as part of decision-making development intervention.

Human values can be revealed in what we believe, what we feel and what we say. However, the most important manifestation of our values is the choices we make, the decisions we make.

We work with elite athletes and teams to identify what can directly impact that decision-making and improve the quality of the outcome, whether that is competing in the Olympics, Ironman, English Premier League or the NFL.


  • Improves athletes decision-making (personal & competition) through enhanced self-awareness
  • Identifies personal barriers to performance in training and competition
  • Highlights areas of excellence
  • Nurtures leadership potential
  • Gains an insight into the wellness behaviour and self-care
  • Profiles trainability, adherence to training and learning capacity
  • Ranks athletes in order of their decision-making capabilities