We measured Jonny P’s initial performance, and then again four months later…

Jonny P’s reaction to assessments

“I think seeing the report from the first assessment along with your improvement document helped motivate me to make some conscious changes. After the first assessment, I wrote out what I felt my goals for the year were, and then also for the season, limiting myself to what I felt I could legitimately focus on and then choosing one less. Then I worked out what I needed to change in order to achieve those goals, whether that be giving things up or deciding to start doing something.

After that I tried to make doing the right things a habit. I felt that the extra clarity on what I wanted to achieve and what was holding me back, meant I could see a clear link between my day to day actions and the more long term effects.”

Jonny P’s improvement in performance

Jonny P’s assessment improvement was mirrored in his athletic performance. This improvement by a staggering 5.1%, the largest increase in the squad, confirms a direct correlation between the results of this assessment process and the sporting performance of the athlete.

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