Sometimes getting away from the office to think, to stretch yourself, both mentally and physically can be of benefit to both your wellbeing but also to the organisation. It also allows time to develop your own mindfulness.

As well as providing on-site Executive coaching and mentoring, we also run Executive Experiential Development Programmes, where we take people out of their or to the edge of their comfort zone. We stretch them and teach them new skills, which they are able to take back into the office. These sorts of experiences help bring about change in behaviour. It gives us a good insight to you. We can then help you and the team further when back in office with coaching and mentoring relevant to what we have seen.

Whether it is going to the Arctic for a few days, which we do quite often in the winter, learning to live with Bedouin in the desert or just simply being up in the mountains, the benefits and rewards can be enormous and long-lasting. Life-changing in some cases.

If you are interested, please contact us and we can discuss further your objectives and aims and from that develop a programme.