Esport is growing fast and in many teams, the culture is still not defined and not fully understood. In other key sports, there have been numerous instances of serious cultural issues between management and the athletes. These can have a massively damaging effect on the reputation of the organisation, the sport, its funding and the lives of individual athletes.

Scandals have erupted around the non-prescription use of the attention-deficit drug Adderall and cheating to exploit scret software glitches in particular games have entrenched the view that esports is going through a dangerously unregulated ‘wild west’ phase.

Quantifying and managing an Esport team’s culture is critical for bringing values “to life,” supporting the implementation of its strategies, and promoting adaptation, goal attainment, a winning performance and sustainability.

Behavioural norms have a significant impact on an entity’s ability to solve problems, adapt to change, and perform effectively at the top level.

Culture has a greater impact on success than talent does.

Culture is the guiding principle that aligns an Esport team and its players behind an agreed set of operating principles and values. The blend of individuals will enable or undermine the culture.

Culture Survey

Peak Dynamics’ Culture Survey enables you to close the gap between your ‘current’ culture and the ‘ideal’ culture that optimal for the senior management, teams and players. The outcomes from the survey can be used to help enable change, inform recruitment and retain key staff and players.

culture-auditWe measure and analyse the culture within your team, using data and metrics provided by a statistically reliable and valid survey

The culture survey measures:

  • The Current Culture of the Team
  • The Causal Factors of the Current Culture
  • The Effectiveness of the Current Culture
  • What the Ideal Culture should be

We provide visual profiling of your operating and ideal cultures in terms of the behaviours that members believe are required to “fit in and meet expectations.” We also look at how effective the current culture is proving to be.

We then identify and provide you with solutions and actions that will help close the gap between the current and ideal culture for the team.


  • Reliable data is obtained data on the behavioural norms of your team
  • Validates a need for cultural change on the part of participants
  • Uses sensitivity analysis of responses
  • Identifies the areas where change needs to take place
  • Develops a vision for culture change
  • Creates player, team and organisational action plans for effecting cultural change
  • Evaluates the impact of organisational change efforts
  • Quantitatively measures and monitors key outcomes and causal factors
  • Determines the impact of organisational, team, and job level factors on the effectiveness
  • Assesses employee attitudes, motivation, and stress levels
  • Identifies targets for changing and improving engagement and organisational performance
  • Identifies levers for moving your team’s current culture toward its ideal
  • Monitors the impact of organisational change initiatives and interventions
  • The data is comparable year-on-year
  • The culture survey and consultation is carried out by us. Being an organisation independent of the client – there is No Conflict!