Oman Experience

This seven-day adventure takes place in the Dhofar Mountains, the Rocky Desert and ‘The Empty Quarter’ desert of Southern Oman. It is a chance for you to experience a truly authentic way of life and take in some stunning views in the gentle warmth of the Arabian winter. It is fascinating seeing signs of ancient human life from hundreds and thousands of years ago.

For some, it will be a totally new experience

Join an authentic, unique desert experience in Oman

  • November 2020 – Dates tbc

Normal Price – £3,800 (ex VAT)

The group size will be a maximum of 10 people only. Please note, if there are not a minimum of 7 people booked on the trip, it will be rearranged or cancelled.

About the Trip

Away from all the tourist trails, during this totally unique journey, you will experience the contrast of the rugged and beautiful mountains of the Dhofar followed by the vast desert of Rub’ al Khali (better known as The Empty Quarter).

You will experience life walking the mountain trails and rocky desert wadis with the Bedouin tribesmen and their camels, who will be carrying all your equipment for part of the trip. They will show you their habitat and the wonders of this region.

You will see your food cooked over the open fire under the star-lit Arabian skies at night. In the evening you will have a chance to shower and relax in the warm evening air, watching the sun set before dinner, before retiring to a Arabian style tent and camp bed for the night. It is a truly magical experience at night, sitting round the fire looking up at a feast of stars including the Milky Way. You may even hear a desert wolf howling in the distance.

“Bringing life down to simplicity, learning to adapt to local conditions and always feeling perfectly secure is the special feature of Peak Dynamics.” A client who came on the last trip

This experience is suitable for anybody aged up to 70, with average fitness and lots of enthusiasm to experience something entirely new and totally unique.

“A well-organised and wonderful week seeing the wide variety of landscape that the Dhofar has to offer.  The Omani guides were absolutely charming and looked after us all extremely well. The stars at night were beyond our expectations. The Dhofar is rich in flora and fauna – the jebel Samhan being particularly fertile and beautiful.  A stunning country and a great experience”.

You will learn how the Bedouin saddle up their camels which will carry your luggage for part of the journey through the Rocky Desert, swim in a beautiful wadi below a huge dried-up waterfall and walk through the desert before arriving at the camp in the late afternoon. When we enter the Empty Quarter, the terrain changes and we use 4×4 landcruisers to travel around and over the dunes. You will get a chance to learn how to drive up, down and over the dunes. You might even be lucky enough to see some ancient geodes on the desert floor.

“When you sleep in a house your thoughts are as high as the ceiling, when you sleep outside they are as high as the stars.” Bedouin proverb

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About Oman Experience

The Dhofar lies over 1,000 kms south-west of the capital Muscat in Southern Oman. It is an area of contrast and rugged beauty and part of the largest sand desert in the world.

This area of Arabia is renowned for its rich culture; from the ancient frankincense trade, to the famous camel trains, to succulent date palms, to lush rolling hills and beautiful green wadis. At one time, Salalah and coastal Dhofar were one of the richest trading areas in the world, where Frankincense was as valuable as gold and the Queen of Sheba established a frankincense port in Sumarham and traded it with King Solomon, sending camel trains across the Empty Quarter as far as Mesopotamia.

You will see sites where the humans lived over 1,000 years ago. You may even be lucky to see an old flint arrow head on the floor or a geode rolling by. It is truly breathtaking scenery enriched with such as interesting ancient history.

Dhofar has a subtropical climate which has supported various different cultures from the Jebali people of the mountains, to the Badawi who live in the desert.

Dhofaris are truly proud people. Many still lead a traditional way of life where tribal and family values are still a vital and respected cornerstone of their existence. You will learn how they live, cook and eat.

“I knew that I had made my last journey in the Empty Quarter and that a phase in my life was ended. Here in the desert I found all that I asked; I knew that I should never find it again.” Wilfred Thesiger

This is an ancient tribal system that encourages loyalty and support within extended family groups, something that is perhaps lacking from some of our lives today.


Day 1: Beach and Pool – You will fly into Salalah where you will be able to relax for the day and night in a comfortable hotel; swim in the sea or the various hotel swimming pools. You may even spot some dolphins or whales from the beach.

Day 2: Walking in the Dhofar – The next day, you will head out to the Dhofar mountains, where you will walk for the day along the top of the jebel, looking north into the rocky desert. On the way you will visit a most stunning wadi. You will camp the night up on the edge of the Dhofar.

Day 3: Walking in the Rocky Desert – In the morning, you will walk down into the rocky desert and meet up with your camels and Bedouin tribesmen from the Bait Zabnawt tribe. You will have a short day’s walking along the dried-up wadis and ancient riverbeds before arriving at your overnight camp. You may well see Frankincense trees, and see signs of the wildlife and their footprints created in the cool of the night. In the evening, we will cook your meal over an authentic Bedouin stone bbq.

Day 4: Empty Quarter – The next day you will have breakfast, you will say goodbye to the camels (after learning to ride them) and into the Empty Quarter desert in 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers, where we will set up camp.

Day 5: The Jebel – The next day, in the morning, you will get a chance to drive up and across the impressively tall dunes in the vehicles. We will then drive via a unique oasis in the desert where warm sulphurous water bubbles up from deep inside the earth. Then we head on up into the Jebel for your last night camping.

Day 6: Hotel – You will head back to Salalah via an amazing tropical wadi teaming with wildlife and the chance to swim in the turquoise water. In the afternoon, you will check into the hotel for the night and relax by the swimming pool or sea.

Day 7: Homeward Bound – You will be able to relax all day in the hotel, before packing and getting ready to fly home on the overnight flight. Before you leave, you might want to visit the Frankincense souk or Gold souk.

Useful Information

Is it safe to travel to Oman?
Yes it is. Oman is the 9th safest country to live in according to The World Economic Forum’s most recent Travel and Tourism Report. Crime rates are extremely low and some of the locals do not even lock their cars or homes.

What level of fitness do I need?
You should be in good health and able to walk. The walking is on flat ground. You will walk for 4 to 5 hours on the days we are on foot with lunch and siesta in the middle of the day.

What is the weather like on the trips?
Oman is hot, sunny and dry when we go on these trips. The daytime temperature will be between 20 – 30oc. Nights can be cooler, especially if there is a wind, and can drop to 10-15oc. The sun sets at 6.30pm and rises at 6.30am. Bring some warm clothes for the evening.

What will the food be like?
In the hotel, it will be a typical mix of international foods. When we are walking with the camels and the Bedouin, we will eat like they do. For breakfast, there will be eggs, bread, jam, coffee and delicious ginger tea. For lunch, it might be a salad, vegetables and dates. In the evening, we might have camel, goat or chicken. If you have any dietary requirements then please let us know. If you want to bring your own alcohol then you can, for a refreshing gin and tonic at the end of the day!

Should I bring a book?
You will not have time to read a book, as it gets dark at 6.30pm. We will give you a recommended reading list after you make your booking.



November 2020 – Dates tbc

Normal Price – £3,800 (ex VAT)

The group size will be a maximum of 10 people only. Please note, if there are not a minimum of 7 people booked on the trip, it will be rearranged or cancelled.

The VAT can be reclaimed through your business as this trip qualifies for ‘Continuous Professional Development’ (CPD) for team development.

What Is Included:

  • Airport transfer to hotel on arrival
  • Hotel accommodation and breakfast
  • Camels
  • Bedding and tents for the camping
  • Vehicles and fuel for the desert
  • All food whilst on the trip

What is not included:

  • All flights to and from Salalah
  • Single room supplement in the hotel
  • Any drinks and other food including dinner at the hotels
  • Personal equipment
  • Travel Insurance


  •  Single room supplement

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  •  I confirm I am fit and healthy and have informed Peak Dynamics of any conditions they should be aware of