We have over 30-years experience working with the young (18+) and helping them on their life journey. Over 800 young have attended our internships/workshops over the past few decades.

We design private adventures, retreats or awaydays for the young that gives them a unique experience but also teaches them some of life’s key skills, such as self-reliance, self-resilience, wellbeing, coping, team work or general fitness.

We have some amazing stories of ‘change’ takes place when the young are taken outside and to the the edge of their perceived ‘comfort zone’ but in a low-risk environment.

I chose to join Sandy on his trip to the Arctic and it proved to be an excellent experience, not just because of the sheer beauty of the place, but also because of the focus and determination it brought out in my 19 year-old daughter with whom I went

That personal sense of achievement stays with them for years, does wonders for their self-esteem and moves them forward in their lives.

Quite often, we are asked to provide mentoring and coaching for them following such a trip, as we have been able to see at first hand their behaviours and coping strategies.