Being able to take your management team or leaders away from the office for a day or even a few days for an off-site/awayday can have a very beneficial effect on the individual but also the team and the organisation.

It is an opportunity to learn, come together as a team without everyday distractions and experience something totally new. It encourages people to leave behind their emotional baggage and develop new qualities of relationship.

Original thinking is more likely away from familiar spaces that support the status quo

We are experts in team development and do not believe in learning just by powerpoint.

  • Who needs to be involved?
  • When can you get everybody together?
  • What preparation is required?
  • How much lead time is needed?
  • How long will you need?
  • What sort of ambience will be most productive?

Quite often internal facilitators are liable to “know what cannot be done” or be compromised by internal power politics.

We can put together an innovative and fun programme for your team which meets your objectives and expectations. For the more adventurous, even a few days in the Arctic, hills or desert could be an interesting place to conduct an away day. This gives a leadership retreat seclusion and containment to think, talk and develop a better understanding of eachother and the way forward.

Experience shows that spending a night together with colleagues, under the same roof, has a huge impact on outcomes. Two to three nights is even better. As people develop their relationships, the quality of their thinking begins to change

Recognise that your off-site/awayday is not an isolated event, but an essential foundation for an extended process of transformation. This is a process that we can help support going forward to effectively challenge drift or avoidance.

Retreats, off-sites, away days bring about a change of level of thinking and relationships. You can make them the most important interactions in your organisation and the start of a transformation.