For a lot of adventurers and extreme athletes that we work with, it is the first time that they have attempted a certain route, river, ocean or summit. They are often heading into the unknown.

” In all my experience of working with performance consultants and coaches Peak Dynamics raise the bar – avoiding the all to common jargon and bull$%! to explain the fundamentals of performance and reaching your potential in different scenarios – the proof is in the success of my expeditions and the fact that me and my teammates are still alive!”

We provide strategic planning for your expedition or a world record attempt. We provide years of knowledge from working with extreme athletes and understanding the strategic issues that they face and what resources or planning that they might require.

“The Peak Dynamics team gave us a clear understanding of our strength & weaknesses from a mental and character perspective which allowed our world first kayaking expedition to be possible the most effective way. In effect a a personal realisation of your strengths and weaknesses.”

We work with you in the lead up to the expedition or trip and can work with you whilst you are away on your expedition.