Being able to handle pressure in sport and business is vital to the outcome.

Athletes are constantly striving to improve their improve their performance. An athlete in peak physical condition may make only marginal gains with a new workout, but their biggest area for potential improvement is probably mental.

Get yourself ready for mental pressure

The mental side of an athlete’s performance is the focus of our “Performing Under Pressure” clinic, where we put athletes through unorthodox challenges to help them achieve new goals.

Those who want to perform well under pressure have to change the way their bodies and brains respond to stress. Therefore facing intense challenges and being stretched mentally can better prepare people for stressful situations.

Our programme is designed specifically for athletes and business leaders. The techniques used are derived from sports, military work, psychology, and neuroscience.

A rock climber who has accomplished a number of first-ascent climbs and won world championships, said “I envisioned stationary bikes and treadmills lined up to test pure fitness — linear, obvious activities that would be challenging but strictly physical. I was wrong.”

If you’re able to experience growth and challenge in an area that is unrelated to your day to day life, it’s very beneficial. You can bring that confidence and ability to handle pressure into whatever you do. It’s going to have a lasting imprint on your brain.

This clinic is designed to put people through a series of challenges they won’t be prepared for. That way, the training is more about figuring out how to approach a difficult situation as opposed to succeeding or failing on a more standard physical challenge.

Pushing a person out of their comfort zone and forcing them to confront those challenges is a learning experience they can carry forward into any aspect of their life.

Incorporate a ‘Performing Under Pressure’ clinic into your training.