Cultural Audit of Your Organisation

Our organisational culture audit starts with a bespoke cross-sectional assessment of your organisation. This can be defined by you, for example – the cultural differences between gender, geographic location, position in the organisation, time served. We can assess up to a maximum of 5,000 people at any one time. The audit analytically displays and defines each of the sub-cultures as well as the overall culture. It helps identify where there may be an issue with culture. From there, we design a ‘culture change’ programme to bring about a culture shift. We then reassess the culture after a suitable period of time.


  • Uses a robust and objective tool for accessing the current culture within an organisation using reliable data.
  • Validates the need for cultural change in your organisation.
  • Helps identify where the change programme for culture needs to take place.
  • We create an individual and organisational action plans for effecting the cultural change.
  • We provide on-going monitoring to measure the impact of organisational change against agreed Key Performance Indicators.

Duration: 12 weeks up to 1 year

The initial audit of an organisation’s culture takes about three months. The ‘culture change’ programme’s length is dependent on the findings from the initial audit. We would advise completing another audit 12 months on from the previous one. This audit delivers a very unique and detailed report for the relevant executive teams.

Price: On request