We often come across teams in elite sports where leadership and captaincy are not taught as part of the coaching process. We often see captains of team disempowered by the coaches. So when the situation on the field of play requires leadership and a quick decision, the captain is not in a position to make it. This can, in turn, lead to poor or losing outcome.

We have found working with special forces personnel, explorers and adventurers have demonstrated that leadership can impact on team performance and outcome.

We consider the deterministic measures of leadership to be:

  • Control – Discipline
  • Command – Tactical Decision-Making (execution of plan or decision to change), Team Momentum
  • Influence – Player Effort and Commitment – Team Resilience – Team Culture

Peak Dynamics develops ‘Future Leaders’ through experiential learning as part of a mixed cohort from Sport & Business.

Our programme enables candidates to develop the following traits:

  • Resilience
  • Emotional Control under outcome stress
  • Acceptance – A willingness to do a thankless job in the shadows
  • Tactical – Aggressive Play that tests the limit of the rules
  • Communication – A democratic – low-key, practical, style
  • Influencing skills – Ability to motivate others with passionate non-verbal displays
  • Integrity – Consistent values and courage to stand apart

We have created the Peak Dynamics 12 traits of a successful leader.

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