We believe that the quality of your planning will determine the quality of your performance. We help you understand what winning looks like and create a deterministic model of ‘What It Takes To Win’ to deliver your own bespoke Gold Medal winning plan.

‘What It Takes To Win’ Strategy (WITTW)

  • Performance Audit (historical performance or competitor analysis)
  • Deterministic Model of WITTW – The ‘What.’
  • Development of Hierarchical Model of Performance – The ‘How.’
  • Alignment of Management, Multidisciplinary Team and Coaching Staff to Performance Model
  • Develop and enable individualised Gold Medal Plans – (Athlete – Squad)

What It Takes To Transition (WIT ³)

  • Deterministic Model of WIT³ – The ‘What.’
  • Transitions Audit (successful and unsuccessful transitions) & Performance Trajectory Analysis
  • Creation of Performance Model for player/athlete pathway
  • Alignment of Pathway to WIT³ – System, Multidisciplinary Team and Coaching Staff

Other services include:

  • Developing Competitive Advantage
  • Optimising Performance Under Pressure
  • Optimising Decision-Making

Our approach helps teams and athletes to deliver:

  • Goal clarity by establishing a ‘deterministic’ approach to performance
  • Alignment and accountability of teams and individuals to the end goal
  • Performance Efficiency through focusing effort for maximum impact and controlling the controllable
  • Diagnostic tools for identifying, super strengths, unacceptable weaknesses and opportunities
  • Sustained performance through team and individual diagnostic tools and targeted interventions


  • Increase chances of success through a ‘gold medal-winning’ approach
  • Delivers a process for developing and maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Empowers team members and athletes by aligning their contribution to the end goal or purpose
  • Keep harmony and purpose within the team by understanding human behaviour better
  • Peak Dynamics uses highly credible experts with a unique combination of experiences: corporate, military, elite sport and extreme adventure