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Wealth Management Performance Workshop 2016

“Thank you for the excellent training day you delivered for my team.  I approached you with the aim that I wanted to help my team perform to a higher level, but didn’t want to take the traditional approach to training.

You put together, and delivered, a very interesting and effective day that introduced us to the concept of the “Corporate Athlete” which has given everyone a lot to think about and act upon.

Everyone really enjoyed it and they are keen to implement the ideas and tools you covered.  I am extremely confident it will lead to improved individual and team performance.”

3 months later

“You will be pleased to know that the training has made a lasting impression.  A lot of the things you said have been taken on board by the team – getting the balance right between work-side and self-side, being a corporate athlete and looking after yourself accordingly. We now have a feature in our monthly team meetings where a couple of the team share their goals, both personal and professional.  They really like this as it means they get to know each other better and see what drives their colleagues.

I am very pleased with the impact. We are making good progress toward our corporate objectives. Their resilience, drive, determination and good health are as crucial as ever.”

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